Web: Separation or Divorce

Nicecube design recently launched a new website for Separation or Divorce (S.O.D) a new Irish business created to offer advice and guidance to people who have experienced or are currently going through a separation of divorce.

They host workshops which "...aim to bring a panel of experts together, legal, mediators, life coaches, dating experts, counsellors etc in one room to advice on the best way for people contemplating or going through the very difficult separation and divorce procedure."

The project included:
  • Domain name registration/Website hosting
  • Website Design
Visit: www.separationordivorce.ie


Web: Cool Kids, After School Service, Ballinasloe

Nicecube website design and development recently launched a new website for Cool Kids, a Ballinasloe based after school childmider / childcare service.

Their services include: Collection from local schools, Hot, nutritious dinner provided, Help with Homework, Arts/Crafts and an Indoor and Outdoor play area.

The project included:

Visit: www.coolkidschildcare.com