Logo: O' Connell Power Generation

logo design, roscommon logo design companies in Roscommon, getting a logo designed in roscommonNicecube has been working on a new logo design for Michael O'Connell, Power Generators. Michael is based in Cork and specialises in Generator maintenance and installation. He wanted to incorporate the electrical sine wave symbol into the new logo. We took a slightly abstract, more geometric approach to the use of the sine symbol to work with the circular style of the font.

View Logo: Click here to view O'Connell Power Generation logo


Logo: New Nicecube logo!

logo design, logo design companies in GalwayI wasn't 100% percent happy with the previous Nicecube design logo so I decided to go back and revisit the cube shape and maybe try incorporating the 'n' and 'c' into the shape. I am happier with the result and how the negative space works...


Web: Yvonne Mullaney - Sales & Letting

lettings, estate agent, property, auctioneer websites, cms, GalwayNicecube recently finished a website and content management system (CMS) for Galway based Yvonne Mullaney - Executive property sales and rental. Nicecube has already designed the logo so based the website on the chosen colour scheme.

The project included:
Visit: www.propertiesgalway.com